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Working at LeafMed

It sounds like you’re highlighting the complementary roles of physicians and nurses in the healthcare system. Both play crucial parts in patient care, with physicians focusing on diagnosis and treatment while nurses provide hands-on, compassionate care.

Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to healing and helping people.

At LeafMead, we seek to understand the origin of the non-healing, chronic wound, and discover a way to heal it in the shortest time possible. We coined this approach, Wound Medicine.


Available Careers

General Manager

LeafMed's General Manager leads a team of healthcare professionals at a Mississippi medical marijuana dispensary, offering expert guidance for individualized relief.

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Shift Supervisor

Lead LeafMed's operational excellence as Shift Supervisor, ensuring smooth dispensary operations and exceptional customer service in Mississippi's premier medical marijuana facility.

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LeafTech at LeafMed, Mississippi's premier medical marijuana dispensary, offers expert guidance and personalized support to help individuals find the best cannabis products for their health needs.

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Benefits at LeafMed

MedCentris offers competitive benefits and a salary structure for nurse practitioners that allows for both flexible work hours and a higher earning potential. Here are just a few of MedCentris’ benefits:

*Benefits are subject to change at any time

Provider Benefits:

Wound Medicine Specialist™

When hired, LeafMed providers complete an extensive training program before becoming a certified Wound Medicine Specialist™ (WMS). This training includes advanced wound management expertise, all advanced modalities in Wound Medicine, care for all wound types, and collaboration with other care providers. When completed, these providers are then able to treat patients with the knowledge and skillset as a Wound Medicine Specialist™. We pride ourselves on our commitment to learning and will only offer the best care to patients.

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