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How To Renew a Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi

If you already have a medical marijuana card, you’re probably beginning to wonder when it expires and how you can renew it. At LeafMed, a leading Mississippi medical marijuana dispensary, we’re your go-to educational source on all things relating to medical cannabis. Continue reading to learn how to renew your medical marijuana card in Mississippi. 

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi

Receiving your medical marijuana card does not mean you’re set forever. Mississippi, along with many other states, requires you to continually see a healthcare professional to ensure that your condition still meets medical cannabis eligibility. 

How Often Do I Need To Renew My Medical Marijuana Card? 

Medical marijuana cards in Mississippi expire after one year, per the Mississippi State Department of Public Health. You must renew them annually. 

Your practitioner may limit your time frame to a shorter period, though you cannot receive longer extensions. Be sure to review the exact expiration period on your card so you know when to renew it. 

You should typically begin the renewal process 30 days before the expiration date or sooner, as the application approval can take time. 

Eligibility Requirements for Renewal

Renewing your medical marijuana identification card requires the same eligibility criteria as when you first applied. To be a qualifying patient, you still must have an eligible condition according to Mississippi’s standards. Additional requirements will include paying the card registration fee, visiting your doctor, and filling out the application, just as you did the first time. 

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

If you’re approaching your card’s expiration date and wondering how to renew a medical marijuana card in Mississippi, we’ll walk you through each step. 

You can renew your medical marijuana card online through the Mississippi medical marijuana program portal. Here, you can complete the application by filling in your information. You will need another written approval from a qualified medical practitioner with the medical cannabis certification, which we’ll discuss below.

If you have issues signing into your account from last year, you can either change your password or fill out a support form with your email address to update your account information. 

Options for Visiting a Qualified Medical Practitioner 

You must visit a qualified medical practitioner to renew your medical marijuana card. Your doctor will either provide you with written approval for medical marijuana usage or deny your renewal. In order to apply for card renewal, you must receive the medical cannabis certification from your qualified healthcare professional. 

Your doctor may endorse your renewal if they think medical marijuana will help with your condition. Keep in mind that Mississippi only views specific conditions as qualifying under state law for medical cards. Be sure to visit your doctor well before 30 days ahead of when your card expires, so you have plenty of time to complete the application. 

You may also visit with your doctor virtually, assuming you meet with the same provider you visited last year in person. Telehealth visits for medical card renewals only work if you have established an in-person visit with the provider for a recent medical cannabis certification.

How Long Does Application Approval or Denial Take?

The Mississippi State Department of Health will approve or deny your application to renew your medical marijuana card within 30 days. Upon application approval, you will receive your card in the mail within five days. If the Mississippi State Department of Health denies your application, you may bring a petition to judicial review within 20 days of receiving the decision. 

First-Timer? Learn How to Qualify and Apply With LeafMed’s Digital Resources

Learning how to renew a medical marijuana card in Mississippi won’t help much if you haven’t yet applied for a first-time card. At LeafMed, we provide resources on everything you need to know, including how to get a medical marijuana card in Mississippi for the first time. After receiving your card in the mail, feel free to shop at one of our local medical dispensaries in Mississippi, or call our LeafMed team with any questions (228) 382-5323